Just a girl who is constantly cooking

My love of food and cooking has led me to where I am today. Cooking has allowed me to connect with family, bond with strangers who turned into close friends, and to ultimately connect with myself. And I’ve translated this ongoing journey of self-discovery into design. Connecting impactful and meaningful products with users is an important part of my design philosophy. To me, design isn’t only the perfect pixels and pretty illustrations. It’s a way to join friends, family, and community together, like gathering at the dinner table. It’s showing up with vulnerability and empathy at every turn to spotlight the human in everyone.




🎩 Avid crocheter of hats for furry creatures

🛹 Amateur ollie attempter

Lena looking quite happy.
Array of dumplings and a person rolling dough in the background.
Lena dressed as a bottle of soy sauce posing with yes, bottles of soy sauce.