TeenSafe - Design System

Building a design system to ensure safe driving




Design system


6 months


1 head of product,
1 visual designer,
2 engineers

My role

Brand, design system, illustration, UI design

Mockup of TeenSafe style guides



TeenSafe is a leading parental controls app that focuses on monitoring device usage in teenagers. While the app can monitor many different activities on teens’ phones, TeenSafe noted that distracted driving was an increasingly pressing issue among teenage drivers. They shifted their focus to the distracted driving epidemic. Existing tools only monitored the problem and did little to encourage healthier driving patterns. TeenSafe wanted to take direct action and teach safe driving behaviors through prevention, enforcement, awareness, and engagement.

Partnering with the Head of Product and another visual designer, I helped build a revitalized TeenSafe design system that embraced the company’s mission.


Icon for untechnalize, pen drawing with sparkles around it

The original brand felt very sterile and TeenSafe wanted to shift perception about parental controls being a governing app to being a companion in safer behaviors.

Icon for collaboration, a pencil and a pen are crossed
Improve team collaboration

Without a proper design system in place, passing files among designers and developers was messy.

Icon for deadline, a person shrieking in front of a calendar
Accelerate time to market

Since TeenSafe was creating new products, they needed a system that could allow them to test and iterate on them.

The entire TeenSafe component, style, and patterns library

TeenSafe style guides

Out with the Old, In with the New

The strategy

When I joined the TeenSafe team, user testing and research had already been done. I reviewed documentation, user needs, and existing competitors. Through this discovery process, I learned that parents wanted to ensure their teenage kids’ safety while driving, but had difficulty with productive conversations around proper driving habits.

The existing TeenSafe design system was littered with inconsistencies and didn’t match the tone and feel of TeenSafe’s revamped vision. We wanted to appeal to parents but not jeopardize their relationships with their kids. TeenSafe needed to feel safe and friendly.

After image of rebranded TeenSafe mobile screens. Before image of TeenSafe mobile screens prior to the redesign.

Before and after dashboard redesign

Making Way for the Design System

Defining new colors

Implementing a revised color palette was the first challenge as the previous one felt too dull. I chose bright, modern colors were to create a more cordial and human feel. Though distracted driving is a serious topic, it was crucial to give users a feeling of warmth and security and not use serious or alarming colors.

Setting a type

Open Sans is a versatile typeface chosen for its legibility. Since TeenSafe had products  across multiple mobile and desktop platforms, it was important to select a type that was applicable on a variety of digital mediums.

TeenSafe type and color

Color palette and typeface for TeenSafe.
Custom iconography

I drew custom icons, which added to the look and feel of the TeenSafe brand. The icons are driving inspired and can be used in different contexts. Each icon is comprised of minimal pictograms to remain discernable at smaller sizes.

Icons for driver rules.

Rules icons

Numeric icons one through nine.

Number icons

Grey and blue icons for in-app navigation.

Navigation icons

Mobile phone mock up of a driver's trip details.

Trip details screen

Mobile phone mockup of the sidebar navigation.

Menu screen


The new illustrations are joyfully colorful. The linework and offset fill of the illustrations give them a lively tonality that add to the TeenSafe brand

A grid of onboarding illustrations including a beacon, package, computer, and a vehicle on a map.

Onboarding illustrations

Illustration of a red traffic light

Stop illustration

Marketing illustrations including app removal, notifications blocking, gift, vehicle in a hand, and a speedometer.

Marketing illustrations

Illustration of a phone with a charging cable attached to it.

Plug in phone illustration

Illustration of a loader.

Loader illustration

Mobile phone mockup of required items for setup including a phone, cable, computer, and a beacon.

Set-up screen

Mobile phone mockup of a driver's stats including trips, driving times, miles, and perfect drives.

Stats screen

Mobile phone mockup of a drive in progress with an illustration of a driver with their hands on the wheel.

Drive-in-progress screen

Designed for Anywhere, Everywhere

Integrating into production

The design team I was a part of actively participated in implementing the design system. We collaborated with development teams and engaged in feedback on how to grow and improve the system.

No matter where a teen driver or parent may be, users can access TeenSafe across mobile and the responsive web.

Mobile mockup of TeenSafe sign-in screen.

Sign in screen

Desktop screen of a driver's trip details

Trip details screen

Mobile screen of setting a driver's boundary limits.

Boundary screen


Icon for vision, eye
Aligned visual identity and mission

With the foundation for a design system set, TeenSafe was able to articulate their brand and products to their users.

Icon for efficiency, grid of a series of symbols
Significant improvements in engineering and design efficiency

Consistent components and tailor-made patterns from the design system reduced development costs and mistakes.

Icon for adaptability, two arched pencils forming a circle

During the course of this project, due to an update in Apple’s policies, TeenSafe had to pivot their products from iOS to Android. Thanks to the new design system, the team was able to adapt products quickly and push them to market.